VPG MV-1 Handicapable Standard Taxi Spied

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The Vehicle Production Group MV-1 isn't a pretty vehicle, but it's designed with function in mind. That function? It's a purpose-built, wheelchair-accessible vehicle. This "mule" was spotted around Detroit and never has a slang term been more aesthetically accurate.

While the MV-1 doesn't quite have the fug factor of the VW-Thing-meets-NYC-Taxi look of the Standard Taxi, VPG's planned mobility van isn't going to be winning any beauty contests. It will ride on the same chassis and the low load floor which is roomy in the taxi will be useful in enabling an automatic ramp for wheelchair access in the MV-1.


We're assuming the MV-1 will utilize the same GM 4.3-liter V6 driving the rear wheels, though calls to the company have gone unreturned. Amusingly, the vehicle will use a de Dion rear suspension, similar to what's found in the Caterham 7. (Hat tip to Matt for the pics!)

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Wheelchair accessible vehicles don't have to be less than pleasing to the eye. Not that I think a PT Cruiser is pleasing to the eye, but there are those that do. #standardtaxi