VP Biden's European Motorcade Included A Freaking Tesla Model S

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America's Favorite Uncle, Vice President Joe Biden may have had one of his favorite cars in his European motorcade—and he probably didn't even know it! The motorcade briefly had a Tesla Model S as part of the caravan. For the press. I bet Uncle Joe is sad he missed it.

So how on Earth (well, how in Europe, at least) did a Tesla end up as part of the motorcade? Well, apparently, it was one of the few American-made cars available for use by the VP's group, coming from a private company which supplies such vehicles, according to the Wall Street Journal. Before that, staffers used the Tesla to prepare for the VP's visit to Brussels.

So why would Uncle Joe have been sad to miss riding in the Tesla himself? Well, as we should all be well aware, the VP is a jalop. He's the son of a car dealer, and goes to auto shows, given interviews to car magazines, and even been mocked by The Onion for his supposed love of classic American muscle cars.


In fact, according to the WSJ, it's unlikely Biden ever saw the car, and it was no longer part of the motercade later on in the delegation's trip. Poor Joe. Can Tesla build an armored limo? That seems like the best bet if the VP wants to ride in Tesla style.

Image via AP/Tesla/Kat Callahan.

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I would love to see the range of a Tesla Model S after being armored up to 4 tons of weight.