Volvo XC60 Diesel Spotted In Hollywood Looking For Ron Howard's House

A friend of AutoFiends managed to catch a 2009 Volvo XC60 camo'd up and wearing something peculiar in Hollywood, which is actually quite normal — for a fashionista. Unlike the XC60 one of our readers spied in Beverly Hills, this one was wearing a little badge that proclaims "Diesel Fuel Only." That's a little obvious, isn't it? Although when the XC60 launched in the US we explicitly asked if diesels would find their way to the US market and we were told "no diesels in our market for XC60," so we're assuming either a PR un-truth (maybe) or testing in the hot air out west (probably).


Certainly, this could just be a great piece of misdirection (what if it's a hybrid under there?) but more than likely it's just Volvo doing some testing in the harsh Beverly Hills climate. But given the increase in gas prices offering up a five-cylinder diesel in the Euro model no longer seems like that much of a stretch. [AutoFiends]

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