Report: Volvo Will Make An XC90 Polestar For America

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But don't expect it to have 450 horsepower. Still, more Polestar Volvos mean more fast Volvos for America!


Rumor has it that Polestar is working on both the diesel and the gas turbo XC90, and the US will get the latter based on the 316 hp T6 but with more power and some serious chassis upgrades including clever dampers and bigger brakes.


That means the top of the range hybrid T8 will remain the horsepower king with a combined output of 400 and 472 pound-feet of torque on tap, but if the lighter XC90 Polestar will handle anything like the S6o/V60 Polestars, they might just end up creating the best driving SUV on the market without trying to compete with certain supercharged V8s.

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Nice. I like Volvos. Especially the R sereis. The polestars are petty sweet too. I think this SUV will be a nice addition to the lineup. A lot of people missed the boat on Volvo. They have been dong some nice products for years, but a lot of people don't consider them a performacne brand. They only see bank vualts with wheels. They sould do their homework before counting Volvo out for performance / luxury blend.