Have you ever been out cruising in your Volvo, windows down, arm resting on the door, wishing you had the perfect album to just fucking crank? Of course you have; you’re human. You’re not just human, you’re a very lucky human, because Volvo once released an entire, 14-track CD of sweet, sweet Volvo-sounds.

Volvo’s album, which dropped in June of 2003, goes by the evocative name “Sound CD 9512935” and was described by Volvo as

“The fault tracing process for squeaks and rattles has now been simplified with the introduction of a new “sound CD.” When a customer complains of squeaks and rattles when the audio system is on, the 9512935 “Sound” CD can replicate those sounds in doors and hatshelf areas, and make it easier for the technician to locate the cause. The CD contains 14 tracks including music and sounds.”

Hot damn that sounds tight! Just imagine how awesome you’re going to be, slowly cruising down the road, head bobbing to the infectious rhythms of the sounds of squeaks and rattles in the doors and hatshelf areas.


This kind of shit really puts the rattles in my hatshelf area, if you get what I mean, amirite?

The album art was especially sweet for Volvo’s first-ever CD:


I think I had the poster of this for my first dorm room in college.

I’d heard that Volvo put together a band to take their music on the road, with a tour they called the Rattle and Squeak Tour 2003. I seem to recall they toured with Swedish pop duo Roxette, but I haven’t found any corroborating details online, for some reason.

(Thanks, Bozi!)