Volvo Made Boxes?

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Believe it or not, Volvo didn't always build sleek, swoopy, high-style automobiles. Once, Volvos were derided for being "boxy." I know, I was shocked to find this out myself. Apparently somewhere in a decade called "the 90's" Volvo designers discovered a French curve and all hell broke loose. Thankfully, the internet provides a window into a time when these mythical Volvos existed. The boxiest of the boxy is affectionately known as the Puppy. The Volvo Laplander was commissioned by the Swedish Army in 1974 as a general-purpose vehicle and eventually made it out for civilian use. One gee-whiz feature is a sensor on the brake system that automatically engages the 4WD in a panic stop, forcing the rear wheels to turn at the same speed as the front to minimize locking up the rear-end and sending the vehicle into as skid. The I6 spawned for this beastie lives on today in the form of the Penta 160, one of Volvo's Marine engines. See, not just meatballs and chocolate.

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