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Volvo 145 Languishes, Alone And Unloved, In East Bay Junkyard

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Many of you felt very strong emotions upon seeing the junked '64 Volvo Amazon and its eventual partial redemption at the hands of one of our readers. But how about the Volvos made between the Amazons but before the ubiquitous "brick" 200 series cars (yes, we know there was some production overlap)? I've owned a '69 144 and, well, wasn't exactly overwhelmed by love for the thing, but you rarely see the 100-series cars these days. Here's a reasonably intact '72 145 I spotted in a local self-service yard, just waiting to donate its parts to its still-rollin' brethren before its final date with The Crusher over at Schnitzer Steel. Do we care?