The Wörthersee meeting in Austria is the biggest annual Volkswagen gathering, and the company always makes sure the fans have enough crazy concept cars to take pictures of. This year’s GTI will be designed by a group of apprentices aged 17-25, so prepare your Matchboxes!

The team of 13 includes four vehicle interior fitters from Volkswagen Group company Sitech Sitztechnik, two vehicle paint technicians, four automotive mechatronics technicians, one media designer and two budding process technicians specializing in plastics and rubber engineering.

The 34th VW party starts in May 13, so the youngsters have six weeks left to finish turning that body-in-white into a very special GTI indeed. The work started in last November, and so far, all we know is that “The apprentices have opted for an innovative color scheme that will call for considerable skill and precision”.

Expect a loud sound system and you won’t get disappointed.

VW’s “Wörthersee GTI 2015” team consists of vehicle interior fitters Alexander Giesbrecht, Kay-Vivian Erhardt (both Volkswagen), Alexander Roser and Jana Peil (both Sitech Sitztechnik), vehicle paint technicians Celine Raditsch and Darius Pesel, automotive mechatronics technicians André Haase, Samuel Pili, Jan Quiring and Julian Lucht, media designer Hendryk Riedel and process technicians Melina Svoboda and Sebastian Del Giudice.


Photo credit: VW

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