Renderings via Jason Torchinsky

There’s nothing better suited to operate as both a delivery vehicle and an eye-catching rolling billboard than a cargo version of the new second-coming of the Volkswagen Microbus, and now we don’t have to worry about it anymore.


CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Dr. Eckhard Scholz confirmed that a cargo trim of the all-electric I.D. Buzz microbus concept will go into production in 2022. Here’s another mock-up of what it could look like from our local microbus obsessive, Jason Torchinsky:

Look at that! Diaper delivery in style. Here’s hoping it’s not just people in diapers buying these, though! Get out there youths! Make your money and dump it at the door for an I.D. Buzz. Finance it until you’re in diapers yourself, if you’ve got to.

We kind-of, sort-of already knew a commercial version was in the works, but it’s great hearing it again (and again) as VW has had a very on, very off relationship with its commitment to actually bringing the bus back over the years. I’m going to buy a cargo trim and live out of it, perhaps down by the river.

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