The danger of a car commercial showing a brand-new car alongside one of the classic models of that same car is that you run the risk of just making everyone who watches the ad remember how much more they liked the old car. Volkswagen’s taken this problem and added a new twist: their new ad makes you want an amalgam of old and new that just doesn’t exist.

It’s an ad for the new Jetta, and the conceit of the ad is some sort of DJ/turntable-inspired re-mixing, where a Mk. II Jetta is “re-mixed” into the new Jetta. You can view it here, optically:

You should also note that VW is warning us that this is a “simulated animation,” which is a weird way of putting it. I mean, it can be simulated, and it can be animated, but “simulated animation” sounds like it means the animation is faked? Which means, what, it’s real?


Personally, I think the Mk. IV Jettas were the best looking and most iconic Jetta, but the Mk. II had its own sort of charm. What this commercial manages to do, though, is make me really want a modern Jetta with Mk. II-style taillights, bumpers, and front end.

Here, look for yourself:


I mean, that kind of looks awesome, right? The 2018 Jetta looks like any number of cars from the rear. This fictional hybrid Jetta up there, though, with the chunky, blocky taillights and the functional black rubber bumper strip actually looks unique and fun—way more character than what VW will actually sell you today.


Plus, now that I see this, all I can see is a bumper that isn’t a stupid painted plastic cover that costs over a grand and looks like shit the first time it gets tapped. I like the clean simplicity of the old-school front end. This just looks like everything else out there:


But, sure, old-school mirrors and door handles do look a bit funny on a modern car:


So, congratulations, VW. You’ve just sold me on a car you’re never going to build. Good work.

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