Volkswagen's Microbus Concept Spotted In The Wild

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Our friends over at Zelectric Motors, the company that electrifies old air-cooled Volkswagens, including Beetles, Buses, and Things, were taking their lightning bugs out to Pebble Beach when they happened to see this other electron-powered VW: the I.D. Buzz neo-Type 2 concept we saw early this year at the Detroit Auto Show.


Here’s the beast out in the wild, next to some ancestors:

If nothing else, this shows that the new Bus is at least drivable. I wonder how it’s registered?

VW claims they’re actually going to build the thing, though I suspect the production version will be a bit tamer, and likely won’t include such show car frippery as those animated LED matrix lights and the light-gray tires.

If you can’t wait until then for an electric VW bus and you have some money to throw around, Zelectric can help:

It’s still fun to see that thing out on actual roads, though.

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Meanwhile, lurking in the background, a disgruntled driver who thought this was a Cars & Coffee, looks for a place to crash for the night.