Volkswagen's Big Debut At The Chicago Auto Show Hurts Like Hell When You Step On It

We didn’t send anyone to the Chicago Auto Show because, well, frankly, what’s the point? Detroit was just last month, we’re all still cold from that, and no automakers are revealing anything of substance in the Windy City. Well, almost nobody! Volkswagen may have revealed their fifth reborn-Microbus concept at Detroit, but Chicago has an amazing reveal, too! A Lego VW Atlas!

Hunnh? How about that, everybody! It’s VW’s new full-size SUV, the Atlas, only now it’s small-sized and made of Lego! It’s white, with some grey! It’s in a little Lego city, next to a modified version one of Lego’s VW Microbus models, and it has rubber wheels and a little VW badge and… oh, fuck it. I can’t do this.


Look, the Atlas seems fine, and it’s going to be priced well, but let’s be honest. You could change like eight lego blocks on that model and pass it off as a Lego Ford Expedition or a Lego Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Lego Toyota Sequoia. It’s fine, but it’s work for me to really give a shit.

Who’s the kid who’s going to pick the Lego VW Atlas over the Lego VW Microbus model? Seriously, I want to meet that kid, because I may have them do my taxes.

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