Volkswagen Will Sell Some of Its New Electric Cars for Less Than $23,000: Report

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Some of Volkswagen’s new electric cars will be priced at less than 20,000 euros (around $22,800), according to Reuters. That amount is somewhat less than what we heard it might be last month, when VW said they would be priced similarly to their diesel models.


To be fair, Reuters’ story is worded pretty carefully, as, according to their source that price is VW’s “intention,” meaning it could still be higher (or lower). But it is the first time we’ve heard something pretty concrete, and that would be around $10,000 cheaper than the cheapest Chevy Bolt, and $12,000 cheaper than Tesla’s $35,000 Model 3, which still doesn’t exist yet.

Here’s more from Reuters:

Plans for VW’s electric car, known as “MEB entry” and with a production volume of 200,000 vehicles, are due to be discussed at a supervisory board meeting on Nov. 16, the source said, adding that it is also looking to roll out 100,000 of the “I.D. Aero”, a mid-sized sedan.

The Wolfsburg-based carmaker, which declined to comment on the plans, is also expected to discuss far-reaching alliances with battery cell manufacturer SK Innovation (096770.KS) and rival Ford (F.N), the source said.

VW’s strategy shift comes as cities start to ban diesel engine vehicles, forcing carmakers to think of new ways to safeguard 600,000 German industrial jobs, of which 436,000 are at car companies and their suppliers.

An electric van, the ID Buzz, is due to be built at VW’s plant in Hannover, where its T6 Van is made, the source said.

VW’s I.D., an electric compact, is set to debut in 2020, along with a crossover called the I.D. Crozz, with the I.D. Buzz coming in 2022.

In the meantime, VW has also been building up charging infrastructure, and if they can stick the landing with their new electrics, the cars would represent a pretty significant challenge to Tesla. I’m hoping they can, since cheap electric cars don’t really exist right now. Expensive electric cars are probably a scam anyway.

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I’m doubtful that they can do this in the US. And even more doubtful that they can hit that price AND their target range. Maybe the low cost one will have a smaller battery pack.

But... If they miraculously were able to offer 373 miles of range, with the handling and interior of a base Golf, for 22800$, I’d be first in line.