Volkswagen Should Absolutely Make Rabbit Confetti a Factory Paint Option

Image: Volkswagen

During this weekend’s Southern Worthersee, Volkswagen debuted a slew of mildly modified new cars to the gathered Euro Tuner crowd. VW wants to lean in to the whole scene, and show off the concepts to folks who might be willing to perform these modifications to their own new Volkswagens. It’s like dressing your house when you go to sell it, right? You have to show what it can be.


The Golf GTI Rabbit Confetti Concept is my favorite of the seven shown “concepts” at SoWo this weekend. It’s equal parts modern and throwback heritage, and the confetti visuals are simply a whimsical way to make the car more visible in a visual-heavy crowd of cars.

Here is what Volkswagen has to say about the Golf GTI Rabbit Confetti Concept:

Inspired by the iconic Golf GTI Rabbit logo, the Confetti Concept starts with a limited-run 2019 GTI Rabbit Edition. The GTI is covered in a wrap decorated with Rabbit logos, plus a few hidden surprises, arranged in a confetti-like pattern. This concept is fitted with 19-inch Rotiform RSE wheels, complete with customized Rotiform Aerodisk wheel covers; H&R® VTF adjustable lowering springs; tinted windows; and Volkswagen Accessories base carrier bars with a Thule® Canyon XT Cargo Basket.

See, that’s what is cool about it. This is all off-the-shelf shit. You could go reproduce this with your GTI in a weekend if you really wanted to. The wrap is great, but it would be better if it were painted on. Volkswagen has offered crazier designs before. Remember the Harlequin Golf and Polo? I want to see confetti’d Golfs on showroom floors! Limited edition, obviously, I don’t expect this to be a highly sought after look, but it sure is cool.


And any car with wheel fans is going to be a hit in my book.

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