For the majority of the world that understands that you can actually tow things without a massive truck, Volkswagen has a new Trailer Assist system. To promote this, Volkswagen Norway freaked everybody out by backing a car and trailer all over the city, improbably fast. Sort of.

While VW’s Trailer Assist system probably helps a lot with the mind-bendingly tricky task of backing up a car with a trailer, I doubt it’s capable of tearing ass around a parking deck or a roundabout like the Passat and trailer shown in the video do.


What VW really did was take a Polo (I think) and cut it down, including removing the rear axle, so it would fit inside a standard box trailer. The trailer itself was skinned with a material that was transparent from the inside, letting the ‘trailer’ do the actual driving. Here, VW was nice enough to make a whole video showing how they did it:

Pretty fun, VW. Keep up doing crazy stuff like this and we’re that much more likely to forget about some of you other recent hoaxes.


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