Volkswagen May Be About To Give TDI Owners A Little Cash

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Our friends over at The Truth About Cars reported that Volkswagen is planning on starting a “TDI Goodwill Program” for current TDI owners. The “Program” is basically a much-enlarged version of something many of us have done when we want to make up for something bad we did: bribe our way out of it.


The program, allegedly already detailed to dealers, would involve a pair of prepaid credit cards: one for $500, to be used anywhere, and one for between $500-$750, to be used only at VW dealerships. So, essentially, VW is telling TDI owners that maybe they ought to go out and buy themselves something nice. Go have dinner! See a movie! Why worry about all these stupid “emissions?” Hey, what say you go to the Apple store instead and try out one of those computer watches?

Really, for most TDI owners, this is simple, free money. For many drivers, the pangs of guilt for driving something more polluting than you thought aren’t fun, but their quality of life isn’t really affected. They’re not really polluting that much more than someone driving a 25+ year-old car anyway, really, so for those TDI owners, this is just a chance for some free stuff and way too many VW-branded floormats and ball caps from the dealership.

We contacted a VW representative to try and confirm the plan, and this is the response:

We are considering several options but have nothing to announce at the moment.

That’s not exactly a denial, really.

So, TDI owners, chances are the holidays are going to come a little early for you this year! I hope everyone you know likes VW drink cozies and shift knobs!

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$500 - Hell Yeah! that TOTALLY makes up for the $13,000 of value I lost in a couple days.