Volkswagen Just Gave You More Choices If You Want a Manual Wagon

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If you are a fan of wagons, your choices are slim in America. If you want a wagon with 3 pedals, you basically have one option in the way of the Sportwagen/Alltrack from VW. But for 2019 VW will allow you to get a fully loaded Alltrack SEL with manual goodness if you desire.


Here is a #hottake incoming, the lifted and cladded VW Alltrack actually looks better than the Golf SportWagen. I know that is against the grain with longroof lovers, but even though I hate to admit it, the Alltrack is the nicer car, with its standard 4Motion all-wheel-drive, nicer interior options and the fact that VW doesn’t relegate you to only the base model if you want to row your own gears.

Previously, if you did choose the manual Alltrack it was only available on the base S trim and the mid-level SE. Both cars came pretty well equipped, but for folks that wanted the fully loaded SEL, you were out of luck if you also wanted a clutch pedal. Despite the fact that the overall take rate on manual Alltracks isn’t that high, for the 2019 model year VW is adding the 6MT to the top of the line SEL.

In addition to the manual option, VW is also adding a full range of advanced safety tech across the line such as Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Monitoring (Front Assist), Blind Spot Monitor, and Rear Traffic Alert. The Alltrack’s 1.8-liter turbo-four that makes 168 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque may not be the quickest wagon around, but it’s no slouch and the aftermarket has easy solutions for more power if you are a bit cavalier about your warranty.

Now here is the bad news friends, finding a three-pedal Alltrack won’t be easy. According to Autotrader, there are currently around 30 new manual Alltracks for sale in the entire country. So you may have to be willing to travel or order one from the factory.

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I want to support Mazda with a CX-5 or the next Mazda3, but this is quite delicious.

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