Volkswagen Is Finally Giving Us Our Damn USB Ports

For years VW has assumed that anyone that buys its cars uses an iPhone. That's obviously wrong. The proprietary plug VW used was a holdover from the iPod era, but now the boffins of Wolfsburg are finally seeing the error of their ways and will ditch its idiotic MDI in favor of the humble USB.

Volkswagen's decision to nix its Media Digital Interface comes at the same time that it prepares to launch the second generation "modular infotainment platform" (MIB II) globally. That's going to bring a slew of new features – specifically Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – and the best way for devices to play nice with the new system is through USB.


The only problem is it won't be coming until later this year when the 2016 models launch, and there's no word on the Audi front yet.

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