Volkswagen 'Intensively' Considering Trucks And Vans For The US

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Volkswagen is crushing it in auto sales around the world, but their lineup just isn't deep enough for total domination of the US market. A statement by VW's Light Commercial Vehicle boss suggests that might change, possibly bringing Amaroks, Transporters, and(/or?) Caddys here.


At a press conference in Hanover, Volkswagen Head of Light Commercial Vehicles Eckhard Scholz told Bloomberg and others; "Pickup trucks are a dominating segment (in the US)." Then after being asked about bringing them or compact vans to America, Scholz said. "We're looking at both options intensively."

"Intensively" sounds a lot more promising than, say, Jeep CEO Mike Manley's "I like the idea" canned response to "Jeep pickup truck" questions. And Volkswagen has significant manufacturing capability in North America which could get them around the Chicken Tax that prevents foreign companies from importing trucks here.


Trucks regularly drive sales for some of the biggest-selling brands here in the US, and if VW wants to claw back to that "number-one importer" spot I don't think they can ignore the segment. Meanwhile if the Euro-style van segment keeps heating up with things like the new Ford Transit, ProMaster, and NV lineups VW has some great looking entries already working in other markets.

The sixth generation Euro-market Volkswagen Transporter van will be revealed on April 15th. The sketch above is their official teaser... I don't think those wheels made it to production but it's a handsome van from this rear-quarter angle!


Images via Volkswagen

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