Volkswagen E-Bugster Concept: Detroit Auto Show Photos, Info

Based on the 2012 Beetle, the E-Bugster pays tribute to the Volkswagen Ragster concept that debuted exactly six years ago here at the Detroit Auto Show — by chopping three inches from the roof. That's half of the six inches the Ragster concept lost six years ago.

When next we see the Bugster in six years as a production car we fully expect it to have gone the rest of the way and chopped exactly zero inches.


Now, thanks to folks dropping a bunch of photos early online, here's some photos of it.

But, because it's a concept made post 2010, the E-Bugster features an electric drivetrain. The motor generates 114 hp and 199 lb-ft of torque from a 695 lb. lithium-ion battery pack parked in the rear of the chop-top Porsche. As you'd expect, the driving range is less than 100 miles and recharging can be done by both 120- and 240-volt plugs.

There's also a quick charge system which can take the battery to 80% capacity in a mere 30 minutes. That's just six times how long it takes me to fill up my gas tank!


Volkswagen's got more coming here to the D, but it's too cold to talk about the Jetta hybrid just yet. So, for the moment, enjoy this chop-top electric 911.

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