Volkswagen Continues to Test Inexplicable and Joyous T-Roc Convertible

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Screenshot: Carspotter Jeroen (YouTube)

I have checked our archives and was astounded to find this take by our very own Justin Westbrook that seemed to infer that the very idea of a Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet was ludicrous. It’s not very often that I disagree with my colleagues (OK, we disagree a lot), but this is one of those times where I must put my foot down. The Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet is good idea and seeing this test mule driving around brings me infinite amounts of joy.

The mule was captured by YouTuber Carspotter Jeroen. It’s a short video, but you can clearly see that there are only two doors and a soft-top. And it’s pretty compact in size.

See, when I think of basic, everyday cars today, I no longer think of a beige sedan. No, what comes to mind is a lumpy crossover that has black cladding along its wheel arches, four doors and a fixed roof. This profile is the new form of automotive anonymity, and Volkswagen, for whatever reason, has decided to change it up. Great!


Those of you who remember the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet and the Range Rover Evoque convertible will be familiar with this new thing Volkswagen is cooking up, which is most likely a version of its T-Roc crossover, only it’s missing two doors and a fixed roof.

It’s funky and weird and, most importantly, it’s different. All crossovers look the same, so anything that looks different and deviates from the set recipe is alright in my book.

Upsettingly, the T-Roc Cabrio probably won’t be offered here in the U.S., so it’ll just be another one of those European weirdo cars that we like to think about but will never own. It’ll probably launch next year, so keep your eyes out for it. I know a unicorn in camo paint when I see one.

(h/t  Motor1)