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Volkswagen Confirms Production Of The VW ID California

The all-electric van is based on the ID.Buzz and should be a looker, at least.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
VW’s ID.Buzz
VW’s ID.Buzz
Photo: VW

The VW ID.Buzz is an all-electric van that is apparently coming to America, an exciting prospect for those who always wanted a Type 2 but never took the leap. The VW ID. California, meanwhile, expected to be an ID.Buzz but for camping and overlanding and the like, and an all-electric VW bus that is also possibly rugged.

VW confirmed the ID. California during a presentation on Thursday, during which VW talked about its electrification product roadmap. Look at all these electric cars the Volkswagen Group has in the works, and one that will be made in Hanover specifically:

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Screenshot: VW

And if you don’t want to take a slide’s word for it, here is VW itself:

In the medium term, Hanover will go all-electric, starting a modernization of the site. The Group’s currently most important forward-looking project will be set up in Hanover, where the first Artemis vehicle will be produced. Body manufacturing for a new Bentley model has also been confirmed. Another vehicle derivative, the ID. California, has likewise been approved for the site. In addition, Hanover will spearhead autonomous driving in the Group with the MOIA shuttles and the ID. BUZZ AD.


VW, of course, sells camper vans in Europe called the California, and ID is what they call their line of EVs, so putting two and two together in this case doesn’t take much, but I wonder if the ID. California will make it to the U.S., given that the regular California doesn’t and even though VW has said the ID.Buzz will.

VW, for one thing, has been a little stingy giving the U.S. its full line of EVs, and also we’re probably past peak pandemic-inspired #vanlife. The range for the ID. California — guesstimated by Electrek to possibly be over 200 miles — also isn’t very #vanlife friendly, and America’s charging network isn’t up to snuff in any case. One can still dream.