Vlad The Impala Goes Down With Garbooned Transmission, Camry Parked For Rest Of Day

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We were pretty excited to see that a front-wheel-drive Chevy Impala, of all things, was breathing down the necks of the Top Five… but now comes the word that a blown transmission seal is spraying the red stuff where it doesn't belong, and so Vlad The Impala begins what promises to be an all-night wrenchathon. Meanwhile, for perhaps the first time in recorded history, the words "aggressive" and "Camry" may be used in the same sentence. Yes, the Team Elemonators got a little too spirited out there and have been ordered to shut it down for the remainder of the day's racing. They'll be back tomorrow, however, to show us that the Camry is not a boring car. Make the jump to read the report from UDMan.

Bad News, Vlad the Impala blew a Transmission Seal, so the only way they are going to be able to change it is to drop the entire transmission/engine cradle. This is just one more of the heroics that is going on in the pits. They were competitive with their 3.8L V-6, and have been running a clean race. Another casualty is Team Eliminators (The Green Camry). Earlier in the race, they were accessed a penalty when they bumped into another competitor. The Team stated that their brakes were gone. However, due to the fact that the judges felt this team was too aggressive (there are penalties for hitting the dirt on the track, and this team was called for that four times) they were asked to park their entry for the night.


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And as the sun rose, Vlad the Impala retreated to his lair...