Vintage Volvo Gas Tank Comes With Exciting Bonus Dead Snake

Have you ever bought vintage car parts online only to find that, when the package arrived, they have zero dead reptiles inside? It’s terrible. Thankfully, it seems that companies are following the will of the consumers, as evidenced by this Volvo PV544 gas tank that arrived with a prime, well-crushed dead snake. That’s quality.

Yes, friend-of-Jalopnik David Forbes ordered a new gas tank for his old Volvo PV544. When it arrived, right there in the box was a former snake.


The tank came from Carlin Global Enterprises, who run Classic Volvo Restoration. I want to be sure they get a shout-out for helping to re-establish the tradition of packing dead reptiles into car part shipments.

One dead snake is a great start, but I’m sure I speak for everybody who’s working on restoring a car when I say that what we really want are car parts absolutely teeming with dead reptiles. The next intake manifold I buy, I sincerely hope I have to spend a solid ten minutes shaking out iguana carcasses. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be thrilled to rake fistful after fistful of dead garter snakes out of an engine block.

Good luck mounting your gas tank and dead snake, David!

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