Vintage Maserati Quattroporte-amino Fire Truck Is Here To Save Us!

One of five cars built by the Construzione Estintori Anticendio of Bologna, this 1967 Maserati Quattroporte was camino-ized for firetruck duty. Known in their day as the "fastest fire tenders in the world," they were powered by the original 4.2-liter four-cam V8 engine that churned out a healthy 260 HP. Serving duty at Italian race tracks, they were, in typically Italian fashion, an overly stylish solution for the job. So where are they now?

In 1987 all five cars built were sold to an Austrian collector, with the one here being the best of the five examples due mostly to it last being used in 1989. Since then it's been in dry storage. If you feel like paying the shipping charges, or you just happen to be in Austria yourself, they say he's looking to sell. (Hat Tip to Maxichamp!) [maserati-alfieri]


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