Vigilante Canadian TSX Forum Nabs Alleged Thief, Troll

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If you're going to steal from enthusiasts on a forum don't repeatedly post on said forum. A Canadian member of TSXClub posted stolen bodywork only to have it show up on another member's car.

The thread goes on forever, but the short version is a member of the forum posted his stolen item, an A-Spec TSX bumper taken from the parking lot of his work, and other members noticed a similar style lip ended up with a person on a different forum. This is a minor coincidence until they realized the same alleged thief/member had inquired about where and when the victim worked.

This would have all ended with little-to-nothing happening until the suspect started reposting on the forum, claiming it wasn't him, and inviting people from all over the world of Canadian forums who had been scammed by the same person. The likely scammer even signed up for a different account, from the same IP Address, to defend himself.


You'll have to go through the thread to see all the humor and the thread is now closed because too many people were making too many threats against the could-be thief. Unfortunately, these things sometimes turn vigilante so we're happy to see the forum members turned to the police instead. Hat tip to Saad!


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Rob Emslie

BTW; there was a story in the Pulitzer prize winning LA Times a few years back about a Boyle Heights body shop owner who had his semi-tricked out Datsun 510 stolen. A few days after the theft, it rolled into his shop, and the "owner" got out and asked about getting the windows tinted. After explaining the situation to the thief, the body shop guy sat on him until the po-po arrived. I think he out-weighed the teen car thief by a good 175 lbs. Good times, good times.