VIDEO: Toyota FT-86 Concept Goes Sideways In Gran Turismo

Almost as cool as this morning's first look at the anxiously-awaited and so-pre-production-we-can-almost-taste-it Toyota FT-86 Concept is this video of the "Subieyota" going sideways around corners in the digital world of GT5 with a little AE86 following. Adorable!

We're assuming this video of the FT-86 concept on the Grossglockner and the track means we'll be seeing the little Subaru-powered Toyota coupe concept in GT5 whenever the game ends up coming out. We're only wondering which'll come to market first — GT5 or the Subieyota.


In case you missed the press photos from this morning, here's a refresher, below.

(Hat tip to Brad!)

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