Video Shows Emirates Flight EK521 Passengers Grabbing Bags Despite Plane Being On Fire

Photo: Rehan Quereshi/Facebook
Photo: Rehan Quereshi/Facebook

A Boeing 777 crash landed earlier today at the Dubai International Airport, claiming the life of a fireman. The approximately 300 passengers, however, managed to escape without life-threatening injuries—and many grabbed their bags despite being screamed at by the crew to drop them and run.


The footage, posted by Rehan Quereshi on Facebook, shows passengers grabbing for their carry-on bags as their airplane engines are engulfed in flames.

In the video, you can hear the crew members yell “Jump jump jump! Leave your bags behind!”

Rehan thinks this advice from the crew members saved lives, as his video description reads:

Evacuation video of #Emirates #EK521 from crash landing at #Dubai #Airport this afternoon. Idiotic passengers to go for carry ons instead of escaping. Brave #CabinCrew, also goes to show how important recurrent trainings are for everyone’s safety!

It’s understandable that anyone would try and save their stuff in this situation. And it’s possible they didn’t realize how bad the situation was. But all plane passengers need to remember that stuff isn’t worth their lives, especially when that’s what is being screamed at them.

As of the latest report from Gulf News, 10 of the 282 passengers were treated for smoke inhalation and burn injuries.

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farscythe - makin da cawfee!

carry on is where you keep your important stuff passports laptops and your holiday cash.. i can kinda understand trying to grab it..

hell if it was me... i might well be one of the idiots trying to rescue my stuff

(now if it landed in water and was sinking then yea.. screw the stuff... but this already parked at my destination... i aint leaving without my cash and disposable camera damnit)