A Florida man recently appealed to the public to help find his missing wife. One day later, she turned up dead in a car that was videotaped being pushed into a lake. Guess who the pusher looks like?

Oh, the sleaze, the disgusting, disgusting sleaze: Man's wife goes missing. Man goes on television pleading for aid in finding his wife. Thirteen days after she disappears โ€” and mere hours after her husband got all weepy on the local news โ€” her body is found in the trunk of her 2001 Daewoo. Which was in a lake. Police say she died due to blunt-force head trauma, and that she was found with a plastic bag over her head.

If that weren't enough, video from a nearby parking lot shows a man pushing the Daewoo into the lake, but not before he opens the trunk and pulls out a bicycle so he can ride home. Both actions can be seen in the CBS-4 video above. The husband, a man named Munawar Toha, matches the appearance of the suspect in the video. He has been arrested, charged with first-degree murder, and held without bond until trial.

"His body language and his actions were not consistent with a grieving husband who just lost his wife." โ€” Coral Springs Detective Scott Myers on Munawar Toha.