Yesterday we told you Google's secretly developing a driverless car and even logged over 140,000 miles on U.S. public roads. Today we've got video of a Google autonomous car driving normal California highways with nobody at the wheel. Eerie!

The first video's from none other than well-known social media "guru" Richard Scoble:

The second video's from Vimeo user Ben Tseitlin:

We've got to wonder — is there any statute against driverless cars in California statutes? What if Google's code goes wrong and the car veers into another lane without warning? There's a reason DARPA's testing this stuff out for years first before it'll even think of putting an autonomous vehicle out in public testing.

I seriously can't believe nobody's out there screaming at Google for potentially endangering the public.

Also, how fuel efficient is it for Google to be running a Prius around at highway speeds anyway?