Video Games Helped This BMW Driver Go Full Opposite Lock To Save His Family

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Epic saves. We’ve seen lots of them, but they never go out of style. Watch this BMW 5 Series driver recover from a fierce, hydroplane-induced spin. That’s only half the story: how he learned to do it is another.

Sadiq Rahman, a 21 year-old student, was driving his wife, mother and sister in his BMW E60 5 Series sedan in England when the car hydroplaned out of control, The Daily Mail reports. But Sadiq, who had only been driving for three years, steered into the drift and made an epic recovery. Have a watch below:

How did this guy, who had only been driving for a couple years, pull off such a badass recovery? Video games, he told the news site:

I’ve never crashed before and after driving for three years and playing racing games in the past, Instinctively I knew to steer into the skid.


Sadiq’s wife was apparently acutely aware of how much time Sadiq spends behind the computer screen, as Sadiq added:

Afterwards, [my wife] told me that she knew that I would pull it back.

This guy must be a boss at Forza.