VIDEO: Car Hits Pepsi Truck, Causes Catastrophic Wreck

In this Jalopnik exclusive video — the driver of a Pepsi semi-truck is cut off by an out-of-control Nissan Sentra, overturned and then thrown across the median into oncoming traffic in Dallas. Update.

We received this video from the North Texas Tollway Authority of an insane crash occurring on the northbound lanes of the Dallas North Tollway just after 10:00 am on Wednesday, May 26th. In the video it appears as if the Nissan Sentra doesn't make the turn and hits the truck, bounces off and then over-corrects, causing the Sentra to then reconnect with the semi, sending the unladen truck into the inbound lanes.


When the truck crosses over a Porsche Cayenne amazingly manages to swerve out of the way and avoid being rushed. Only six vehicles were involved and just two people were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

UPDATE: Added a new angle on the video.

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It's pretty unbelievable how that Porsche driver avoided that. I could barely avoid collisions like that in video games, I shudder to think what I would be like if I was driving.

But more importantly, everyone, Coke or Pepsi? I like Coke.