Vet gets face broken on Pearl Harbor Day for vandalizing Japanese car

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Just when you thought no one was celebrating or remembering the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, there's this: a Navy veteran spray-painting "12-7 USN" on a Japanese car, like a racist jerk, and then two young men beating the crap out of him on camera, like roid-raging jerks. America!

Let's start with the original offense, because chronological is the only way to deal with this. Moral? No way. It's a club sandwich of horrible where the bacon is jingoism, the turkey is violence towards a veteran, and the bread is just good old-fashioned white bread intolerance.

Apparently, inspired by Pearl Harbor, an older man goes too far, spray painting the anniversary of the day that would live in infamy on a Mitsubishi Evo and was caught. He also, according to the victim of the vandalism, shouted racial epithets at them.


Horrible. No doubt.

And then you hear that the guy is a Navy veteran, which is no excuse, and you hear from the guys involved that they broke his nose, leg, and called the cops on him.

Harsh, but, you know, people don't like to have their cars screwed with.

And then you watch the extremely disturbing video of the aftermath, where the veteran seems to show some contrition and agrees to pay for the damages and doesn't seem violent at all while the car owner and his buddy parade around calling him "a faggot" and "a bitch" as he bleeds sitting in his car.


I sort of want to believe this video is fake, because only someone who truly hates America would do either of these things, let alone let both happen at the same time.

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Good job Mr. Evo owner. Justice was done.

I mean, he spray painted you car! We all know it's impossible to fix that kind of physical (and emotional) damage, and breaking his arm and leg (not to mention his faggot face) was the most appropriate course of action, or at least it seems this way to most of the other members at (and some of our less civilized commenters here). I don't even think his or your insurance would have paid for it, because clearly it would be impossible to determine who is at fault! I mean, it's not like you could have gotten his license plate number, or even restrained him until police officers arrived - not with those horrible letters sprayed onto your car. You had no choice! You had to savagely beat him for spray painting one side of your $17k used car.