Venturi Fetish Has Intel Inside

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Considering France's Venturi Fetish — the first electric supercar —- is basically a six-figure consumer electronics product, it's not hard to imagine all the chips required to manage functions like battery charging and energy storage, systems applications and communication with the home office for upgrades and related software tweaks. It's that last one that's driving a partnership of sorts between Intel and Venturi. The two companies recently announced they were pooling resources, particularly on the WiMAX wireless broadband technology incorporated into the Fetish for data communication. Intel is an industry supporter of the WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) standards, a kind of metropolitan-area version of WiFi. The companies hope to expand the use of WiMax in the Fetish to include communication with other vehicles — to buy and sell energy — or act as an energy node for utility companies. And, of course, for Dodgeball.

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