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Long-awaited electric supercar, the Venturi Fetish, made its public debut in a symbolic alternative-fuel rally from Kyoto (as in the environmental protocol) to the Aichi Expo in Japan. While its supercar status owes more to its $600,000 price tag than its performance (241hp, top speed 105mph), a carbon-fiber body and innovative electromechanicals put it squarely on the high side of high-tech.

During the 180km rally, several drivers took a turn at the $660,000 fetish, number 16 from the company's production facility in Monte Carlo (c'mon, where else would you build it, Gstaad?), including Michelin Group CEO, Edouard Michelin, Venturi Automobiles CEO Gildo Pallanca-Pastor and Japanese LeMans winner, Masanori Sekiya.


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