Vandalized Canadian Sign Points To Sexy Time

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If you're an Ottowa-area city official developing signage to promote your business district, don't leave any empty space, as graffiti artists might introduce libidinous symbols pointing to your non-existent red-light scrumping district.


This sign, outside of Constance Bay near Ottawa, was designed with a grid of six boxes with symbols indicating the town's attractions for passers by. The problem is there were only five noteworthy things for the sign — leaving a perfect opportunity for an anonymous graffiti artist.

Town leaders realized something was wrong when traffic to the local pet store, Chetsteron's Cat House, suddenly increased. (Thanks for the tip Hypnotoad [Ottawa Citizen]

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Hmm...I thought Canadians spawned when one or more males approach the female in her redd and deposit their sperm (also known as milt or LaCrosse) over the roe.

The female then covers the eggs by disturbing the gravel at the upstream edge of the depression before moving on to make another redd.

This graffito looks nothing like that.