Yesterday morning in North London, a replica Porsche 356 Speedster was pushed into a canal by a delivery van, producing no serious injuries but a good bit of automotive slapstick.


The Daily Mail, a content monstrosity that also occasionally does practice journalism, has the goods. The car was parked outside of a AutoVero, luxury car dealership, when everything went down.

Watching the efforts to try and recover the two-seater soft top from Wenlock Basin, AutoVero’s owner and director Kalvin Cauldwell said: ‘It could have been much worse.’

Mr Cauldwell said that despite the odd joke from passers-by including one wit saying ‘I bet it will get a ticket soon’, he was glad there were no serious injuries.

A ‘smashing noise’ alerted him that something was wrong on Wednesday at about noon. It seems a delivery driver somehow made contact with the car which was in a car park at the back of the building, according to Mr Cauldwell.

He said: ‘It (the car) was knocked into the canal.

‘It is an item of stock. It is now in the canal with lots of people scratching their heads thinking ‘how are they going to get that out?’


How, indeed. A photographer named Rob Telford chronicled that removal, which apparently took some doing.


I like that they removed the car from the water and put it back where it was before, as if nothing happened. I also like in that last photo the geese, nonchalantly chilling out in the scene of the crime.

This particular Chesil 356 replica was a 2004 worth around $30,000, the dealership’s owner said, money which he now hopes to recover from insurance, since he assumes it’ll be a total loss.


There’s no word on who was driving the van, but, according to The Sun, “It is not yet known why the van driver reversed into the car, but it is believed to have been an accident.”

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