Van Launches From a Traffic Circle in England Like a Life-Size Hot Wheels Car

Gif: BBC

This crash, where the BBC reports everyone involved somehow had non-life threatening injuries, gets wilder each time you watch it. It looks like a flashback to childhood toy destruction, if Hot Wheels cars were silver vans launching themselves off of roundabouts in England.


But, somehow, that’s a real van with real people in and around it.

The more you watch the video, the more you’ll wonder if you’re seeing some kind of commercial for Not Hot but Very Useful in Everyday Life Wheels, where kids can crash everyday toy commuter cars and transport vans into floors and walls, occasionally stepping on them and being glad they weren’t Legos. It’s hard to jump a vehicle this high even when you’re trying.


But no, this is real. This really, actually happened—on Sept. 1 in the town of Attleborough, according to the BBC. The BBC reports that police said three people went to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries because of it, and that the van launched from the roundabout after overtaking another car.

The BBC didn’t indicate whether authorities knew what might have caused the crash, but reports that an investigation is underway. The van didn’t collect any other vehicles, the report said, landed on the roundabout. Here, just watch this footage on a loop for the next 30 minutes trying to convince yourself it’s real:

Try not to launch yourself from a roundabout, or from anything that isn’t on a track built for launching vehicles. You’re not a Hot Wheels car. Hot Wheels cars don’t have people in them.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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son of a motherless goat (PSA: wash your hooves)

I’ve said this a thousand times, we need confetti cannons in the middle of roundabouts. No, it wouldn’t have prevented this situation from happening but it might have made a terrifying experience just a little more festive.