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If you have a death wish or just a love for bizarre engine swaps take a look at this 1980 Toyota Corolla. Somehow, where a 75 horsepower inline four engine once sat is now a big block 454 V-8.


Many people know that since the Toyota Corolla's introduction in 1966 the model has been popular. In 1997, the Corolla officially became the most popular, with more Corollas being sold than any other car model in history. Since the Corolla was introduced on average one has been sold about every 40 seconds. We have to think of the millions of Corollas that have been produced, few have ended up powered by a big block Chevy engine like the example you see here.

The driveline once noted for its fuel efficiency and conservative power production has been replaced with Chevrolet components with a slightly different reputation. The big block V8 is connected to a Turbo 400 transmission with 4.10 rear gears in the original Toyota housing. The combination of the gears and the Corolla's tiny stock 13 inch tires currently limit the car to about 65 MPH at 4000 RPM but as the seller points out "it gets there in about 4 seconds". That might not be a bad thing until you get used to driving the Corolla under the speed limit.

In the seller's words the Corolla is "Scarry fast" and "will burn the tires from a 40 mph roll". We don't doubt either of these claims. Weighing in around 2200 pounds stock, this little sleeper is about half of the weight of the big American Cars and Trucks that left the factory with a big block V8. We aren't sure if the lack of bumpers and a backseat are an attempt to offset the added heft of the 454 or are just missing.


According to the seller, the Corolla is located in Arizona. With the aid of a dry Southwestern climate, this Toyota has managed to remain rust free at 31 years old. Although not quite as novel as the addition of the V8, lack of rust in a Toyota this old is nearly as rare. The car runs and drives fine as is, if you don't mind keeping it under 65 for now. With a few tweaks, different rear gears and bigger tires this Corolla could be an amazing little sleeper. With bidding currently at only $1,025 with five days left, you still have a chance to be the one hanging on for dear life at the wheel of this Corolla.


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Jonathan Harper