Uwe Gemballa Found Dead In South Africa

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Uwe Gemballa — who ran a company featuring Porsche upgrades and disappeared soon after arriving in South Africa five months ago — has been found dead, shot execution-style in the head.

Gemballa's disappearance caused many outlets — us included — to question what Gemballa was involved in. The Sunday Times now claims he may have become embroiled in a money laundering scheme involving Czech billionaire Radovan Krejcir and

"The discovery of his body threatens to blow wide open an international syndicate - stretching from Switzerland and Germany to Johannesburg - involving alleged money laundering, tax evasion, imported cars stuffed with cash and contract killings."


So all we know now is that finding his body is only the first step in finding the truth of what in the world happened to Uwe Gemballa. (Hat tip to Amadeus_IOM!) [Sunday Times]

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Well he obviously got into some stuff he shouldn't have and obviously pissed someone off...or it could be for making this...