Utah Man Evades Police Cars In Souped-Up Golf Cart

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Police in Morgan City, Utah were outrun and outwitted by a drunken man in what they describe as a souped-up golf cart. Trev Dawson was hanging out with friends, drinking and doing donuts on the lawn of the Morgan City Park when local Sheriff's deputies happened upon him. Rather than face a count of drunk driving or public destruction and risk having something happen to the beloved cart, Dawson fled the scene. Officers gave chase across yards, down streets and through parking lots before Dawson fled into an alfalfa field and jumped over a few irrigation ditches, which is something that police cruisers typically can't do. How was he caught? It turns out that there are only so many drunk idiots in Morgan City, and police recognized Dawson as someone they'd previously arrested. The next morning he was found at his grandmother's house and taken into custody, later pleading guilty to an evasion charge. And the golf cart? Officers believe the cart's electric motor was replaced with a car engine, allowing it to leap ditches and get away from police cruisers. We say "believe" because the cart has since disappeared, meaning that it is ready for more nuisance-making in the future. (Thanks to Ray for the tip!) [Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Image. Standard.net]

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You can get aftermarket electric motors that more than double the cart's power, and change out the gearing so the old top "speed" of 15mph is a long-ago memory.

One of the coolest vids I've seen is a guy who's changed out his motor and jacked it up for more clearance. He noses it up against the wall of his garage, and gooses the accelerator just a little. It slowly climbs up until it's pointed straight up the wall.