USF1 Type 1 Rendered, Europe Put On Notice

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Here's the first released rendering of the Type 1 USF1 Formula One car design, showing an aerodynamic and compact platform its creators hope will lead a U.S.-built car to its first F1 win in over four decades.


The image is courtesy of Racecar Engineering magazine, who visited the USF1 "Skunk Works" in North Carolina. Beyond showing off the Cosworth CA2010 engine, the report indicates the new car will not be covered in patriotic flag livery as we initially feared. No word yet on Budweiser sponsorship, though.


Other details remain scarce but we're sure to hear more as its first testing dates approach. [Racecar Engineering]

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It was at least 1997 before I created a model of that level of detail in 3d studio.

Skunkworks indeed.