Ever wanted a Fisker Karma? Feeling undeterred by the company's failure, political problems and probable bankruptcy? Now's your chance, as used Karmas are now selling for less than half of what they went for new.

NBC News reports that two years ago, the stylish hybrid-electric Karma sold for $103,000 new. Now people trying to sell them on eBay can barely crack $50,000. One Chicago dealer had to take his auction down when the car didn't even meet the minimum reserve. Bids topped off at a mere $45,100, they reported.

Potential buyers are probably right to be wary. With Fisker's future looking extremely bleak, current owners became concerned about who would service the car, although some third party companies will probably step up to fill that role. The used ones are selling without a warranty.

NBC says that many of the people selling their Karmas are early investors in the company, people who put millions of dollars into Fisker and also bought their product. Now that Fisker is failing, they don't want them anymore.

[Car dealer Bill] Michlin says he bought used Karma models from early supporters of Fisker who no longer wanted the electric car because it symbolized a big bet that went bad. "It did cost them a hell of a lot of money," he said.


Fair enough, right? But while the Karma got mixed reviews on its performance, claimed fuel economy and nearly-unusable back seat, it's a great-looking car, so now may be a great time for some collector to snatch one up.

NBC says it may have the same appeal that the DeLorean had, but I think that's a bit too optimistic because the Karma doesn't have the benefit of starring in a series of movies that everyone loves.


Or you could wait for the Maximum Bob Lutz-built Destino, which has the Karma's sexy body with a Corvette ZR1 engine under the hood. I'd say that's a better investment, and a more fun one.


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