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Plan on spending some cash in India this winter? Try applying for an Indian American Express Platinum card (not an Indian-American Express Platinum card, that doesn't exist) and you could be the proud owner of a new Lamborhgini Gallardo. For each 10,000 Rupees you spend, you get one entry in the contest and one chance to win the Lambo or be one of the five cardmembers to win a trip to the Ultimate Lamborghini Expeirence in Rome. That means for approximately $250, or about 50 hours of work as a Dell customer service rep, you could be untouchably fast. Press release below the jump.

American Express presents Platinum Experience

American Express today announced the next experience in a series of "Ultimate Platinum Experiences" especially created for its Platinum Cardmembers. The latest experience provides a Cardmember with the opportunity to win the ultimate sports machine - the Lamborghini Gallardo. Further, five Cardmembers, including the winner of the car, will also get an opportunity to win the Ultimate Lamborghini Experience which includes a visit to the Lamborghini test drive track in Rome to experience the thrill of driving a Lamborghini!. This experience is launched to match the lifestyle of Platinum Card members and symbolizes the 'Ultimate Expression of their Status'.


The Program period is from December 1, 2007 to April 30, 2008.

Announcing the initiative Mr. Amit Dutta, Vice President- Engagement, Brand and Lending, American Express, India, said, "American Express is recognized for providing premium service and value, which resonates with the lifestyle and the aspirations of our Cardmembers. The Lamborghini Gallardo is well known as the worlds sportiest & most powerful car. From the overwhelming response that was accorded to our previous initiative with Porsche, we are confident that our existing Cardmembers and the luxury car-lovers in India will eagerly participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win this dream machine."

American Express Platinum is more than just a card that integrates its services and offerings into the Cardmember's lifestyle in a seamless and meaningful manner. According to a study conducted by American Express, affluent consumers in India are constantly looking for products and services that reflect their status and are a symbol of their success - exclusive, premium and world class. American Express has been at the forefront of creating services and products to match these aspirations. Over the last few months American Express has developed exclusive events and experiences collectively titled "The Ultimate Platinum Experiences". Just as the Platinum Card caters to the unique financial and lifestyle needs of the Indian affluent, the Ultimate Platinum Experiences relate to their unique expectations from a premium brand.

In September this year, American Express announced the 'Gift-a-date' experience - Cardmembers received an opportunity to gift their loved ones a gala evening filled with exclusive lifestyle experiences in the company of Abhishek Bachchan. Following this, the company announced a Platinum promotion for the Porsche 911 Targa in October. The offer to receive a Lamborghini Gallardo is yet another opportunity by the brand to provide an unmatched and exclusive opportunity to Platinum Cardmembers and demonstrate value and distinction to potential members.


All Platinum Cardmembers are eligible to participate in this promotion. Every Rs. 10,000 spent by the Cardmember on the Card during the promotion period helps earn one point or one chance to enter the draw. The more entries the Cardmember has, the greater is the opportunity to win the Lamborghini Gallardo. [AmEx India via]

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