US Pickup Truck Market Update: May 2014

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On the first of every month, automakers crap out reports on how many vehicles they've hocked in the previous thirty days or so. Truck Yeah! has waded through the buzzwords to break down where every truck stands in the US marketplace right now.

This is the first "state of the union" post that we plan to run every month. Take a look at what we've rounded up for you and let us know what you think.


Truck sales have been broken down into categories. Right now, we're focusing on what the industry calls "light duty pickup trucks" and the Honda Ridgeline, which I wasn't entirely sure how to categorize but didn't want to exclude.

We may add SUVs and vans when I move up a grade level in Statistics.

At the beginning of every month we'll update year-to-date sales for each pickup and compare it to the same time last year. I also thought it'd be interesting to keep an eye on each truck's sales as a percentage of the automaker's lineup, especially compared to that truck's market share in-segment.

Hey, now you know more people bought Honda Ridgelines than Nissan Titians so far in 2014! Huh.

Trucklets2014 Sales thru April2013 Sales thru AprilChange% Of Brand's Sales, 2014% Of Brand's Sales, 2013Current Market Share
Honda Ridgeline5,1725,822-11.16%1.27%1.39%100%
Segment Overall5,1725,822-11.16%1.27%1.39%

The small pickup segment, which the industry calls "mid-sized," will be one to watch over the next few months as the Colorado/Canyon step on the scene and the Frontier is redesigned (that is still happening, we're promised).

Small Pickups2014 Sales thru April2013 Sales thru AprilChange% Of Brand's Sales, 2014% Of Brand's Sales, 2013Current Market Share
Nissan Frontier23,55917,33335.92%5.63%4.67%32.42%
Toyota Tacoma49,10052,438-6.37%6.81%7.43%67.58%
Segment Overall72,65969,7714.14%

Unfortunately, the main-event spreadsheet you're probably the most interested in is also the most vague. We're hoping to break this down further in the future, but for now we're only able to find data on each brand's bigger pickup truck line as a whole. I'd be extremely interested to see this at least divided into "half-ton" and heavy-duty, but the automakers keep that information close to the chest.

Full-Size Pickups2014 Sales thru April2013 Sales thru AprilChange% Of Brand's Sales, 2014% Of Brand's Sales, 2013Current Market Share
Ford F-Series236,745227,8733.89%30.93%28.93%38.05%
Chevrolet Silverado150,512156,044-3.55%23.73%24.30%24.19%
GMC Sierra59,45955,0048.10%41.35%39.37%9.56%
Ram P/U133,580109,00322.55%95.30%97.78%21.47%
Toyota Tundra37,61931,85618.09%5.22%4.51%6.05%
Nissan Titan4,2746,150-30.50%1.02%1.66%0.69%
Segment Overall622,189585,9306.19%

The GMs are kept separate because, as they always insist, GMC and Chevrolet are different trucks. Should we lump them together or keep them broken out?

"% Of Brand" is limited to one badge. The Ford figure equals F-Series as a percentage of Ford only, not Ford and Lincoln combined. The Ram figure here looks a little skewed because since Chrysler broke Ram off from Dodge, the pickup comprises almost all of that badge's lineup along with a few vans.


We're going to get some sexier charts, I promise. But here's a basic visual representation of who's where in the American full-size pickup truck market.


So what does that mean to you? Well here's where all the pickups you can buy in the US are trading at right now, according to

Ending April, 2014National Average PriceCompared to MSRPVehicles Surveyed
Ford F-150$33,62915% Below10287
Chevrolet Silverado 1500$32,26219.36% Below2395
Ram 1500$33,32114.54% Below10981
Toyota Tundra (4WD)34,4925.36% Below2669
Toyota Tacoma$28,1905.1% Below14977
Nissan Titan$34,05821.16% Below763
Nissan Frontier$32,4949.9% Below1669
Honda Ridgeline$34,9447.86% Below701

As you can see, everything looks like a smokin' deal well bellow MSRP. From a buyer's standpoint, remember that these are averages and might not reflect your situation if you want an unusual option or trim level. We can dive deeper into this in the future, if you're interested.

Questions? Thoughts? Please bring your ideas forward so I can pass them off as my own! Kidding, let's break open the power of Kinja to collaborate on making this useful.

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