US Embassy Employee In Malta Goes Batshit On Another Driver

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Malta, like much of Europe, is full of little, narrow streets. In fact, it's a little island, one of the most densely populated countries in the world. You'd think if you worked at the American Embassy there you'd know this, and not have a fit of the hissy variety when you encountered another car on the road, like this numbnuts.

In this case, a man reported to be an employee of the US Embassy Valetta, Malta is driving the Honda Odyssey and the unknown Maltese folks are in the Toyota Corolla Verso, and they meet on a very narrow little road, which seems to be flanked by video-recording-capable apartments.


These sorts of encounters always baffle me. These people have to be used to meeting nose-to-nose on tiny roads. Is there that much indignity in being the nice guy to move out of the way? After a few seconds of sitting there, you'd think someone would just move because life's too damn short, right?

It's possible the other guy should have moved first, somehow, but it's pretty clear the embassy worker isn't handling this all that great. He flings all kinds of nasty slurs at the driver, and threatens to kick his "Maltese ass" all over the street.


I usually think of those fancy dogs when I hear "Maltese" and that just makes it even funnier. The US Embassy didn't think it was that funny, and released a statement on Facebook where they deplored the action.


Now this tightly-wound, balding, sandal'd dipshit is out of a job, all because his entire self-worth was tied up in not reversing 10 feet. Which he did, anyway.


(Thanks, BoingBoing!)