For reasons no one can explain, US Airways decided to respond to the complaint of a woman who had a bad flight with a photo of a woman pleasuring herself with the large model of a Boeing 777. Super NSFW picture below.

They've since deleted the tweet, but here it is forever. Worst or best spring break ever?

The now-deleted tweet was up for a good twenty-two minutes before it was taken down, as our screencaps show.

When reached for comment, a US Airways representative said that they were "aware" of the situation and had no explanation for it at the time. They have offered this Twitter apology stating "We apologize for an inappropriate image recently shared as a link in one of our responses. We've removed the tweet and are investigating."


The replies to the tweet ranged from the standard 'I think you tweeted the wrong pic' kindness to the 'you gotta clean this up NOW' outrage to the inevitable 'is this where MH370 went' joke attempt.

The folks over at Deadspin have turned up have turned up where the hell the original picture came from. It's this tweet right here actually directed towards American Airlines. It was put out from about an hour before US Airways' tweet.


Even more bizarre, it appears that US Airways tweeted the model airplane pic to multiple people, as our own readers and this Tweeted screencap purports.


World's worst corporate Twitter reply bot, perhaps?

In any case, it appears that people care more about this Twitter mix up than the Pulitzer Prize.


The charming nascarcasm leveled the final blow.

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