US Airways Flight 1549 Towed Through Jersey Streets

After the miraculous crash landing of US Airways Flight 1549, the downed Airbus A320 was pulled from the Hudson River. Saturday it was transported through the streets of New Jersey to a storage warehouse. Awesome.


The plane was transported on a huge flatbed trailer operated by J. Supor & Son Trucking & Rigging Company after the wings and tail section were removed for transport on another trailer. The operation took place on blocked streets from the marina in Jersey City where it was parked to its final destination, Supor Industries in Harrison. It'll stay there for 18 months for the National Transportation Safety Board investigation. A sight like this ranks pretty high on our "stuff you'd don't see every day" meter. [USA Today]


Photo Credit:

  • Richard J. McCormack / AP
  • For additional images head to Quintano Media </li

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