Up-Front Page Up, Top Gear USA Not Cancelled?

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So despite the fact NBC "cancelled" their up-fronts this year, they still managed to put together some kind of lame event (we hear it was like a carnival or something) to drum up support for their prime-time lineup across the NBC Universal network-o-sphere. As part of that "alternative up-front", they've got a page up on NBC Universal's web site that pretty clearly shows they're soliciting advertisements for a "Top Gear"-like show. While certainly no proof "Gear" hasn't been cancelled, the news we got yesterday wasn't proof it had been cancelled either.


Whatever. We're not holding our breath either way. If it happens, we'll watch. If it doesn't, at least we'll always have Jeremy, Richard, James and Stiggie. What we do know is they're certainly taking their sweet time making this thing official.

But all this is separate from the bigger issue and emblematic for why we're curious to see what happens to "Gear." The reason Top Gear UK works is because it's on the BBC and therefore not wholly dependent on advertising of the automotive variety. To have the show out there at the up-fronts pointing to a "Featured "after market" accessory of the week" indicates — well, we're not sure what it indicates, but we'll be watching. [NBC Universal via Final Gear, Gumball144]


Ash78, voting early and often

It would all come down to the writing and production. To me, one of the greatest segments on Top Gear was when they did a head-to-head of whatever cars the hosts could find for under 500 pounds (er, Sterling). All the usual performance tests, finishing with crashing into a brick and dirt barrier to see which one would emerge the most unscathed. That's comedy, and it doesn't matter as much what specific cars are used.