Unlucky Family Flees Burning Car To Find Themselves In Lion Enclosure

Remember that time in school when you set a locker on fire, so you ran, and you thought you escaped, only to be caught by Vice Principal Bone? Haha, good times, you barely survived. That's just like this one family who escaped their burning car, only to be surrounded by (possibly) famished lions. Same exact thing.

A mother and her two children, aged around 12 or 13, according to Her Majesty's Daily Telegraph, were just tootling about in the local Longleat safari park, like ya do, in their minivan, because of course it's a minivan in a safari park, when the slidey-doored wonder started smoking, then burst into flames. But it had to get worse, otherwise it would not be funny:

The lions, meanwhile, showed great interest in the incident. They were more than 400 ft from the vehicle, but were all looking over at it and remained transfixed as it began first to smoke, and then to blaze.



Just kidding, park rangers kept the lions at bay in one truck while the family jumped into another truck.

The best part about this, though, seems to have been the attitude from bystanders watching the whole ordeal. Could they have driven their car over to help the family before park rangers got there? Well, yes, but, ya know, lions:

She's right, you can't get "out the cah, yeah, 'cos there's lions." Nope. You just gotta sit back, and watch the spectacle unfold. You have to have standards of health and safety.


Oh, fun fact from the Telegraph, apropos of nothing at all!

The safari park is located in the grounds of Longleat House, the stately home of the Marquis of Bath, the flamboyant aristocrat known for his bohemian image and series of mistresses, or "wifelets" as he has called them.


I guess they just thought you should know.


H/t to Micki Maynard!

Photo credit: Shutterstock/e2dan


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